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Alpha – explore the meaning of life

What is Alpha?
The Alpha course is open to everyone interested in discovering what Christianity is about. It’s a place where people can come and relax, eat, share thoughts and explore the meaning of life.

Who is Alpha for?
The Alpha course is designed primarily for people who aren’t churchgoers and is open to anyone who would like to attend.

Why come on the course?
Guests come on the Alpha course for many different reasons; some want to investigate whether God exists and some have questions they’d like to discuss. Many guests have never been to church and others may have attended church but feel they have never had a personal understanding of the Christian faith.

How Alpha works
Alpha courses are based around small discussion groups, courses vary in size and might be held over morning coffee, during a lunch hour, or more commonly evening courses typically lasting a couple of hours. The course lasts for a few weeks, with a day away in the middle. Each session begins with a meal or refreshments, then a short talk looking at a different aspect of the Christian faith each week. This is followed by a discussion, when guests can ask questions and share opinions.

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