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Becoming a christian

What you need to know
The Bible says that God loves us and made us to know and enjoy him. However, our refusal to listen to him and determination to go our own way has cut us off from him. No wonder we often feel that there's something missing in our lives! Every day we offend God with our actions, words and thoughts. The Bible calls this 'sin' and God has every right to judge us and punish us for it. But amazingly, he loved us enough to give us his own Son, Jesus, who was without sin, to die in our place on the cross and take our punishment. We can be sure that this is true because God raised Jesus from the dead and now freely offers forgiveness to anyone who will turn to him.

What you have to do

  • Admit that you are living away from God and have failed to live his way...
  • Believe that Jesus is the Son of God, that he died for you, has risen from the dead and now offers you forgiveness...
  • Commit to live for him by being baptised in water and in the Holy Spirit and join a local church where you can grow in the Christian faith...

More information is available on the Alpha course that we offer at Silklife Church. Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more.