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On Sundays we have children's work across a range of age groups and, though your children are welcome to stay in the meeting with you, our kids normally go out after 11am for an enjoyable time whilst you are free to enjoy the rest of the meeting.

Crèche (aged 0–2 years for babies and younger toddlers)
Lots of toys and fun activities for little ones.

Bubbles (aged 2–4 years for kids up to and including pre-school)
A fun morning with activities for older toddlers onwards with lots of playing with toys and puzzles, singing and a little learning too!

Splash (aged 4–7 for school reception year up to year 2)
Following Scripture Union's excellent material for this age group, there will be in depth activities focused on stories and themes from the bible – all done in an exciting and enjoyable way!

Xstream (aged 7–11 for school years 3–6)
A flexible format with lively, interactive Bible based learning for up-and-coming teenagers – a flexible format to meet their different needs.

All children are signed in and out by their parent or carer when they are dropped off and picked up again at the end of the session. We place much emphasis on the safety of our children so you'll be glad to know that, for the benefit of everyone involved, we are committed to all our children's workers being DBS checked.

Please contact us if you would like to find out any more information.

Child Protection Policy
Silklife Church regards child protection and good working practice as a priority. In the interests of the safety and well being of all children and young people, it has developed and operates a formal child protection policy, which is registered with the Churchesí Child Protection Advisory Service. Please click here to view our online statement.