S I L K L I F E   C H U R C H ,   M A C C L E S F I E L D ,   U K





Silklife Church is served by a team of leaders who have been called by God to oversee the life and direction of the church and care for its members. One of the Biblical terms for this role is elder, so that is what we use. There is also a wider team that includes the elders and several other members of the church, including its trustees.

Sam has worked full-time for Silklife Church since March 2013, having worked for several years in the charity housing sector. Sam is married and has a daughter. They have been in Macclesfield since 2010. Sam oversees preaching, social action, youth work and various other areas of daily church life.

Nick is a freelance graphic designer. Nick is married and has three children. They moved to Macclesfield in April 2007 to become part of Silklife Church. Nick is responsible for worship and growth groups at Silklife Church.

Together the eldership team at Silklife Church have a heart to see the lives of people in Macclesfield transformed by the love of God.