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Vision and values

At Silklife we often think about our church as a sailing ship. Having a clear vision helps us set the direction of our journey and steer a steady course. We want Silklife Church to:

  • reach out to those around us with the hope of Jesus by sharing the good news and serving people with acts of kindness
  • care for one another in an environment of acceptance, love, and encouragement
  • equip each other to put God first in every area of life, being strengthened in our faith and fully prepared for action


While vision speaks of where we're going, values speak of the atmosphere on board the ship. Our five most important distinctives are:

  • Grace
    God freely accepts us and loves us, always and only on the basis of what Jesus Christ has done for us rather than what we have done for him
  • Word + Spirit
    We love the Bible and honour it as the true and trustworthy word of God, and we love the presence, power and gifts of the Holy Spirit in our church life
  • Justice + Compassion
    God is the defender of the weak and he calls us to reflect his own character by being compassionate and acting justly
  • Neighbours + Nations
    We want to play our part in reaching out with the gospel to our neighbours in Macclesfield and impacting the nations across the globe
  • Unity + Diversity
    We have all been joined together with Jesus Christ and this is the basis for our unity with one other and the diversity that we welcome across our church life


Our statement of faith
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